Amy winehouse

Actually Amy Whinehouse is not one of my favorite singers, I only like one song of her and just couldn´t put her into "Music I hate"...

How I found herBearbeiten

I got a present on my birthday 2009: A karaoke programm, plus microphones. There were a lot of popular songs on it and also Amy´s "Back to Black". I once went through all songs, just to try them and also tried this one. The thing was... I had never heard the song before and guessed the melody (At this programm, it´s not shown how high / low you have to sing) and made my own version of it. Later someone told me, that I guessed everything of the song right, except the chorus, which as I was told, was less boring in my version.



Awards in generalBearbeiten

  • Newcomer 2009

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