Dress Up (female)

My first dress up and I think my best. With 193 objects and 1188 programms.

It took me more than half a year, because I got so frustrated about it, I stop somewhere in the middle. But now it´s finished!


In the first box you can choose 16 diffrent skin colours and four extras on the skin (mostly jewelry). In the second one 20 diffrent types of eyes, 4 diffrent sunglasses and 3 diffrent kinds of special make-up for the face. The third contains 21 lipstick and 4 funny mouths, plus 4 types of skirts and two trousers. In the fourth box you can choose 12 diffrent tops. In the fifth 12 diffrent hair-dos. In the sevents come 12 diffrent heads (Crown, party-head, 2 lanyards, Luminara Unduli´s & Ashoka Tano´s heads and more). In the jewelry box you can also choose a piercing for mouth or nose. In the next one are 3 diffrent types of glowes. Then 15 backrounds and in the last one an umbrella and 6 diffrent wings.


The sixest box (Jackets) is still empty, I´ll try to finish it later. The same with the jewelry, there are only the piercings. And I want to do more hair-dos, glowes, wings, tops and so on...

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