Duffy (singer)

The artist Duffy is one of my favorite singers. She has an incredible voice and is as good live performing as she´s on CD.

How I found herBearbeiten

I remember exactly, me, mum and my older younger brother were driving to a china resturant named "Lotus" for mum´s birthday (2009) and listened to the radio. They played "Wawrick Aveneu", which of
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course, just like "Mercy", I had heard before, and the song got stuck in my head. Next time I was on the internet I found out, who it was by and slowly explored the whole Duffy music... and fell in love with it. For weeks I only sang her songs, I was especially fond of "Delayed Devation"... and also Blue told me, that she was non-stop listing to Duffy music... but everything get´s boring after sometime, the era of Duffy is over, other´s have started and will end, too, but that´s philosophy, another topic...


Music StyleBearbeiten

Duffy´s music style is on pourpse looking older (like from... the 60´s??? Sorry, I don´t know exactly), but I like it a lot. She´s for sure no typicial pop - singer!


Duffy´s text are partly simple, but nice, because off the fastly earworm giving melody. I´ve got no idea, if she´s writing her songs herself, but they are fine.


Her video´s are in an "old" style, too. Sometimes even black and white, she´s singing a lot about beeing left or leave someone, so you often see her walking away from some place or taking a train away.


Her voice is pretty low and coarse, which fits perfectly. I remember myself, when I was younger, always thinking that songs, sang by someone with such a voice, were song by old people. Duffy is only 23 or so, isn´t she?


Her style is causal, but chic. Even just a short, simple dress, without many coulors looks good at her.




Awards in generalBearbeiten

  • Newcomer 2009

Good Placed SongsBearbeiten

Song Of The DayBearbeiten

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One Artist Only AwardsBearbeiten




1 Tomorrow
2 Delayed Devotion
3 Wawrick Aveneu

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