I like Katie Melua very much, she´s really talented and really special!

How I found herBearbeiten

It was at the sisters-meeting 2010, I remember exactly, I was just drawing I girl on a dragon (some kind of "Lindwurm", which first should be... a horse...) for Claire, my second cousin and we were both listing to her iPod. Where Clara had the Katie Melua ablum "Piece by Piece" on it, I soon started liking "9 Million Bysicials" and "Spider´s Web". So I asked who they were by and Clara told me the artist, so Katie, and that she had the album from her mother, who was also a fan of Katie´s music.



Music StyleBearbeiten

Katie Melua is famous for her special music style, which is a mix of jazz and pop and sometimes folk. I like it a lot, she even produces earworms, with this mix!


Katie Melua also sometimes writes her songs herself, they aren´t always complicated, so the words aren´t that difficult, but it isn´t always easy to find the right meaning.


I like her videos, they are often simple, but you like to watch them, also because Katie has such a sweet face, which fits so perfectly to her voice.


Her voice is clear and she can sing pretty high. I like her accent, it makes her songs a little more exotic.


Katie Melua is (even on stage) wearing (mostly) normal stuff, pretty causal. At some show, where she sang songs from "The House", she was wearing a long black dress with feathers, that was an exception, as far as I know.


Awards in generalBearbeiten

  • Newcomer 2010

Good Placed SongsBearbeiten

Song Of The DayBearbeiten



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