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In my opinion the only succsesfull winner of a casting show, who´s popular in the whole world and a true talented one. So one of my favorite singers...

How I found herBearbeiten

It was simular to, how I found Avril Lavigne: It just happened, I can´t really remeber. I´ve always liked songs like "Because of you" and "Breakaway", which I knew mostly through the radio. One day I listened to it at the computer and also looked at other songs and it turned out, that many songs I had liked and known before, where by her (Like "Gone"). I remember summer holidays 2009 in Sweden, I listened to "Because of you" And "A Moment Like This" over and over again.



Awards in generalBearbeiten

  • Newcomer 2009
  • Singer Of The Month (Place 2: July 2010)
  • Album Of The Month (Place 2: Breakaway in July 2010)

Good Placed SongsBearbeiten

Song Of The DayBearbeiten

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