Matsuura Aya is the only japanese singer I like (since 2010). I´ve already tried to get into other "J-Pop", but it was aweful! Matsuura is a wonderful singer and also has a very beatiful face (I always wanted to be asian, if I could, I´d like a face like hers...) ... Allthough she has a nice voice, she´s not a very good actor. She´s making music since 2001, but still hasn´t got better in making arm movements in music videos, she still looks unsure and unskillfull... She has changed much over the years and in my opinion to the better...

How I found herBearbeiten

I was just working on the "Arina Tanemura Wiki", writing and articel about Arina Tanemura´s comments in "Fullmoon Wo Sagashite", where I read something about her favorite music. She was recommending "100-kai No Kiss" by Matsuura Aya and I listened to it. The video was not bad and the song quite sweet. Soon I listened to it over and over again and started singing it (I can´t speak a word Japanese... well not many...) and it was fun. So I decided to listen to more on YouTube and soon I was fond of "Sougen No Hito" and "Watarasebashi". I went through everything, until I knew enough and started recording them with the "Audiorecorder" to out them into iTunes.



Awards in generalBearbeiten

  • Newcomer 2010
  • Singer Of The Month (Place 2: June 2010)
  • Album Of The Month (Place 3: 3 X in June 2010)
  • Singer Of The Month (Place 1: August 2010)
  • Album Of The Month (Place 3: 3 X in August 2010)

Good Placed SongsBearbeiten

Song Of The DayBearbeiten



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